Western Clothing Is Not In Fashion – It Is Fashion

Not only are western clothing styles extremely romantic, they are also a staple in today’s fashion world. From the sexy peasant tops popular on the runways to the fitted straight-leg or boot-leg jeans sold in most stores, western fashion is a part of the wardrobes of most American women today.

From the time of the cowboy, western clothing has made an impression on the fashion industry, both for men and women. The western look inspires women to choose styles that are both feminine and comfortable, while giving men a look that is rugged, masculine, and mysterious. One classic look in western fashion is the western-style button-down shirt. This is a style that is worn by men, women, and children alike. For women, this look is usually a softer version of the male design made with more feminine fabrics. For example, most designers add princess seams and floral prints to these shirts to give them a softer, more feminine feel without sacrificing comfort or practicality. For the woman looking for a more romantic, sexier top, you may want to shop for a classic peasant top. This type of blouse is usually fitted close to the body with sleeves that flare slightly. Peasant tops can be plain and simple, or covered with lace and embroidery. A peasant top can be worn with a pretty skirt for a special occasion, or with a pair of sexy, boot-cut jeans and some cowgirl boots for a casual get-together.

Though men’s fashion often differs less than women’s, men’s trends also borrow from western fashion. Before any modern man can declare that he hasn’t copied the cowboy’s style a time or two, he should first ask himself if he’s ever owned a flannel shirt. Western farmers and ranchers (cowboys) wore plaid flannel shirts because of their comfortable style and warm, durable material. And although many men wearing flannel shirts today aren’t ranchers or even farmers, most wear this type of shirt for the same reasons: durability and comfort.

For women, it seems that cowgirl style has caught on to fashion and hasn’t let go since. Almost every American girl with a bold sense of style has a cute cowgirl hat resting in her closet, waiting for the perfect moment to be worn. These same fashion-conscious girls may also have a rhinestone, cowgirl-style belt to wear with her favorite pair of boot-leg jeans. These thick belts, often with tassels and fringes, originated in western styles and traveled quickly throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

It is no secret that most women love shoes. For some women, the mere mention of the word “boots” causes a shiver of delight. One popular boot style today is the lace-up boot. Most styles of lace-up boots were taken directly from western culture. Women wore these types of boots in the early 1940’s and into 1950’s. At the time, these boots were worn for practicality and style– they were used for horseback riding and ranching, and as an expression of personal taste. Each authentic pair of cowgirl boots is made with genuine leather and often has hand-sewn stitching on the sides and front.

In the world, it seems like each place has its own personal style– common trends unique to its residents. There are only a few fashion trends that are universal, that carry from one place to the next. One of those fashions is western apparel. For example, the cowboy hat, cowboy belt, and leather cowboy boot are some of the world’s best-known fashion staples. These items never go out of style.

Western clothing is in such high demand that they have western stores dedicated to making this style available to everyone. One good place to try is http://www.westernwear.ca, which is a western clothing retailer. This site sells both men’s and women’s fashions, including boots, belts and hats. Their website offers pictures of each item to better help you decide on a purchase, and their online checkout is fairly simple.

American Made

When you hear the word “designer” the first thing that usually pops in to your mind is most likely the word Paris; more often than not, the most well-known and respected designers are from glamorous countries in Europe that are flowing with artisan and history. Names like Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, and Gucci are spoken so highly of and are revered as the best of the best. Many times American women feel like they lack the luxury of the European way of life or feel like it does not mesh with their lifestyle.

If you feel this way, you are mistaken! The United States have produced some of the most incredible fashion and handbag designers in the entire world. “Shopping Local” has become a huge craze within the last couple of years. While Arizona may not necessarily be the hub of fashion, America is! There are countless designers which are from the beautiful red, white and blue country and here is a guide to the best in the nation:

Betsey Johnson

The queen of quirky, Betsey Johnson is best known for her whimsical and playful designs. She never shies away from fun and adventurous patterns and takes them to the next level with unique detail work. While many people may consider her work to be “over the top” or “outrageous” she most definitely has an eye for the unique. If you are looking for a fun bag that is sure to be a head turner, then she is your lady!

Michael Kors

While Johnson is the queen, Kors is most certainly the king. His designs are some of the most classic that are available. No matter the season, his designs are flawlessly executed and are lusted after by a majority of the female population. With a passion for American sportswear styling, Kors has become one of the biggest inspirations of many international fashion designers and is esteemed as one of the top designers of all time. If you are a chic dame that has a passion for clean lines and neutral tones then point your sites towards him!


Coach is without a doubt the leader in leather luxury bags and accessories. Their signature logo has been the desire of many women since their inception. While they have undergone a few makeovers, their easy to carry shapes and sturdy designs make them a staple in the industry. With their heavy focus on leather, it is no wonder women feel magnificent walking around town with their Coach bag in hand. One of the best aspects of their bags is their overall appeal to the masses, both young and old. To be able to entice all walks of life is a unique trait that many designers have not mastered. If leather is your fabric of choice, then you have no better brand to choose from than Coach!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s designs are undoubtedly some of the most delicate and feminine out there. Her simplistic styling and vibrant color choices are perfect for any dainty and lady-like woman from New York to L.A and everything in between. From fruity prints to stripes and gold accents, Spade has found her niche in handbags. Women of all ages flock to her styles for they are vibrant and energetic while remaining professional. If you are searching for the perfect mix of young and mature, then Kate Spade is the way to go!

No matter what your style is, American designers are sure to tickle your fancy. You do not always have to ship in the latest and highest couture brand from Europe in order to obtain opulence in your life. Shopping American is the best and easiest way to support your country, your kinsmen, and your wardrobe!

Weight Vs Health Debate Part 5 – Fashion Drama

The fashion industry, as always, is very good at serving drama. In recent months we have seen the debates over models being to skinny, companies changing the standards of what is considered a plus size and even plus size models airbrushed to look smaller. My question to you is this: if we have the money and the fashion industry wants our money to keep going, why are we letting them tell us what we should look like instead of us telling them what we want?

This is not an economics class. We will not be discussing the logistics of demand vs supply. That is for someone more knowledgeable to explain. What we will be discussing is the shift in the focus of power in the fashion industry. Like any other industry, customers shop and the industry supplies the goods and services that we request.

However, lately it seems that more and more, the fashion industry is determining what is good for us, from what is really fashionable to what size we need to be in order to enjoy it. I see several problems with this logic.

1) The image this companies provide to our younger generations increase their body image problems by overemphasizing the importance of being a smaller size.
2) Noticing the increasing amount of people of larger weights in this country, some companies are now creating larger sizes to accommodate their public in their fashion lines. If you look at their promotional pieces, it sounds more like they are doing you a favor instead of the reality that they finally figured out the larger people have more money.
3) From 16 to 18, now it seems that every decade the plus size is getting smaller and smaller. Some stores now have the gall to call 12 a plus size. And let us not even go to the changes in sample sizes in recent history. In the 80’s, the average size 8 was about 5’4″ and 130 pounds. Now, the average size 8 is probably is more like a 110. Women who use to be sample models back in the 80’s would be unemployed now for being overweight.

I understand that there is an obesity crisis in America and in many other countries. I don’t believe that advertising size 0 is the answer. In fact, I believe this is inducing more problems. The levels of anxiety in women now is a lot higher than it was 20 years ago. The obese statistics are alarming. According to the CDC, one third of adults is obese. In some estimates, 24 million American women suffer from eating disorders. This madness has to stop. What do I suggest?

We should take back our consumer power. We should let the stores know that the average American woman is a size 14 and if they want to increase their sales and do some good, they should help us embrace what we are. The only way to get people healthy again is by helping them find their love for themselves as they are now. Once they love themselves at any age, then we can help them improve their health. This should not be a matter of losing weight, this should be a strategy of gaining health. It is time for the fashion industry to start a new fashion trend, healthy sizing. This is not a one size fits all society.

Some women are perfectly healthy at 180 pounds, because they are taller and more muscular. Other women are fine at 110, because they are petite. Only if we all start telling the fashion houses what we want to see, and start voting with our dollars, are we going to get that message across. Create your own fashion drama, let’s get the fashion industry creating trends that we can believe in.

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The Fashion of Body Shape

How Much Does Popular Media Affect Body Shape?

The American population is heavier now than ever before with more than two thirds of adults being overweight and almost half of those are clinically obese. Yet, at the same time, the weight loss and diet industry is a multi-billion dollar entity.

Part of the problem is our perception of our body image. Body image is a subjective concept of our physical appearance determined by our cultural group to epitomize beauty. Since the early 1900`s the popular media have portrayed thin, toned, fit females as having the ideal body image. This trend was briefly interrupted in the 1950`s with the reign of Marilyn Monroe as `the perfect woman`. However, from the flapper dresses of the 20`s, through Twiggy, to the modern-day fashion models, the media has portrayed a very thin body image as the target for young women.

So, why do we have such a problem with weight management if the target is so visible?

The Pitfalls of Following the Fashion Trend.

Our ideal body image represents the physical body form that we want to imitate, whether that is a fashion model, celebrity, athlete, or other role model. However, these images are often misleading having often been digitally enhanced or airbrushed prior to printing. The result of this deception is to make the “ideal body shape” unattainable and puts unnecessary psychological pressure on vulnerable young women, pushing many of them into eating disorders by promoting an irrational fear of being fat.

A study done in 2004 found well over three quarters of ten year old girls are afraid of becoming fat and almost half of the girls in the six to ten year age range stated they wanted to be thinner. A more recent study by the Girl Scouts of America organization found that one third of the young women surveyed had a distorted body image and two thirds wanted to lose weight. It has also been noted that girls under the age of 18 were much more influenced by media using thin models than college-age or older women. Also, while white, Hispanic, and black American women have traditionally had different cultural views about their ideal body image, this perception difference is narrowing with the influence of the media.

The upshot of all of this pressure for many of these young women is poor self image. After trying valiantly to follow the fashion trends, they become disillusioned with themselves and give up, no longer paying attention to the principles of a good diet. Consequently, bad habits set in and waistlines expand leading to further declines in self image.

How to Get a Fashion Conscious Body Without Risk.

Understanding the factors influencing the development of a healthy body image is of interest to many, whether struggling with weight management or not. Consider the following steps for re-engineering yourself:

Acceptance of self – be happy with who you are.
Stop bending to the power of the media.
Remove stress – stress has a huge influence over our body’s fat storage.
Introduce relaxation – make time in your day for 15 minutes of relaxation such as yoga.
Exercise – begin slowly such as a walk after supper and build up from there.
Eat a balanced diet – avoid processed foods whenever possible.

While this may all seem very obvious, it is amazing to see how many people have trouble adopting this into their lifestyle. Good habits take weeks to develop but only days or even hours to destroy, so remember to begin small to cause the least discomfort and increase activity gradually.

David Jose is the founder of [http://www.weight-management-tips.com/] which is a resource website dedicated to helping people find the information they need to implement good weight management strategies and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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BCBG Watches For Women – Get Trendy Celebrity-Style Fashion At Affordable Sale Prices

BCBG watches for women offer trendy, yet sophisticated styles, that will elegantly compliment your fashion, from everyday-attire to your most chic-formal night of the year. In this article, learn more about the BCBG brand by Max Azria, their gorgeous line of BCBG watches, and the best places to find them on sale.

What is BCBG Max Azria?

BCBG Max Azria is one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry today, and their designs in clothing, shoes and accessories is often worn by today’s Hollywood celebrities. The parent company, BCBGMAXAZRIA was founded by Max Azria, a native-Paris designer who started this company in 1989, with the goal of expressing modern-French fashion to American women. BCBG stands for “bon chic, bon genre”, which translates to “good style, good attitude”. As described on the company’s website, “…the brand embodies a true combination of European sophistication and American spirit.”

BCBG Collection of Watches

The BCBG collection of watches offer a wide array of styles and designs for every personality. The line of watches are offered in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, genuine leather bands, and silicone rubber (for active sport styles). One of their more recent watches is banded with Satin ribbons, offering a very eclectic look. Several BCBG designs also deliver unique panache through a combination of material accents. I believe all (or most) BCBG watches are faced with a mineral crystal window that effectively protects the watch from daily wear and tear.

Whether you want a simple and classic look, or if you are looking to make a bold fashion statement with the most eclectic of styles, the watch collection of BCBG Max Azria will have the perfect timepiece jewelry for you.

In my opinion, the perfect, most versatile BCBG watch I would recommend first is the Roulette VIP (Mod. BG8106). This is my favorite watch that I wear most often, and it can easily compliment my day-to-day office outfits to a romantic dinner or night out with the girls. It has a silver stainless-steel band, that visibly show a texture of steel links yet have a really smooth feel to them. The face of the watch is outlined with layers of white crystals, which I love, giving off a “girlish, feminine” look. The center of the watch is clear on both the front and back sides, giving you a peak into the inner-working gears and mechanisms of the watch, as each second passes by.

Where Do You Find Good Deals on BCBG Watches?

While BCBG watches for women offer trendy, high-end designer fashion, the price point on BCBG watches are well within typical budgets. You can find BCBG Max Azria in most major department stores.

I believe one of the reasons why BCBG is so successful for the past two decades (in such a competitive industry) is their ability to push today’s cutting-edge celebrity-fashion trends at truly reasonable and affordable prices. As an example, one of BCBG Max Azria’s latest brands labeled “Miley Cyrus & Max Azria” is exclusively sold at Wal-Mart, our country’s leading retailer known for having the lowest prices around.

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How Does Automatic Transmission Change Gears

As drivers, we know how the transmission works: we push the clutch in, change the gear and then continue driving normally. Manual transmission also teaches us how to perform clutch control without stalling or rolling on an incline. So how does an automatic car change gears?

There are more parts in this system that makes it a more complicated system. An automatic car has something called a torque converter. For the car to move forward, whether manual or automatic, torque is needed for the initial momentum.

The torque converter is a fluid link where its job is to connect the engine to the transmission and the transmission to the driven wheels (Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive).

The engine is connected to the transmission in a bell housing. This is where the torque converter is. The transmission also contains something called planetary gear sets which provide different gear ratios.

The engine’s flex plate is also connected to this torque converter. So the torque converter basically takes the place of a clutch in an automatic car. When the crankshaft rotates it also rotates the converter. This is how the torque converter will disconnect and connect the engine’s power to the load being driven.

The torque converter has main components that make automatic transmission successful. These include:

  • The impeller – connected to the engine which is responsible for driving the turbine using viscous forces on the transmission fluid.
  • The turbine – connected to the transmission input shaft that sends the torque force to the transmission.
  • The stator – which sits between the impeller and the turbine. It lessens churning losses.
    The lock up clutch.

During the compression of the fluid it returns from the turbine that works against the impeller and its rotating movement that also acts on the engine.

The stator redirects the fluid so that the majority of the velocity gets driven towards the impeller which then adds to the torque produced by the motor. It can only rotate in one direction if the impeller and turbine are moving at the same speed. Stators do not apply torque when on a highway, only when coming to a stop or accelerating.

A planetary gear set consists of a sun gear and planet gears which rotate around the central sun gear, like our solar system. A planet carrier gear connects the planet gears with a ring gear that meshes them. The planetary gear set prevents certain components from moving when using clutches and brakes. This alters the input and the output of the system that changes the overall gear ratio.

Depending on which component is fixed it will determine the final gear ratio. If a ring gear is stationery or fixed, the ratio will be shorter than if the sun gear is fixed or stationery.

Brakes Noises Solutions

There will come a time whilst you are driving that you will have problems with your brakes. You might not notice it immediately but once you start to hear the noises, know that there is something wrong.

First thing’s first. Slowly pull over to the side of the road as soon as you start to hear these noises. Make sure that you keep a good distance from the road in case you have a flat tyre instead and need to change it.

These are the different noises your brakes make that you should be fully aware of:

Grinding – grinding is usually the sound of two metal pieces rubbing together. So know that this means that you have a severely damaged brake pad. Without a brake pad, there is nothing that is stopping you safely. It is recommended that you do not continue to drive as it could prevent you from stopping at a traffic light.

Knocking from the rear – this constant annoying sound you hear when applying brakes indicates that there is a problem with the rear drums. There could be a possibility that the brake or rear drum has been resurfaced which is causing that knocking sound. Fixing this problem can be done by yourself but it would be wise to get a technician to fix it.

Squeaking – this is a sign that wear has been done to the brakes. If not fixed it could be dangerous to you. The squeaking sound is usually caused by a wear indicator. This lets the driver know that wear is being detected. Make sure that you get the brakes replaced immediately. You can still drive a good distance before being in danger but make sure that they get replaced soon.

If you are aware of the problem whilst you are driving and know that the problem is dangerous to you and other drivers make sure that you switch your hazard lights on and drive slowly and calmly. If your brakes don’t work at all, release the accelerator and slowly move into the side lane. With the car losing momentum you will eventually come to a stop. Engine braking will also assist the car to slow down. Engine braking is achieved by gearing down.

When you are close to coming to a stop, pull up the hand brake slowly so that your wheels don’t lock up thus making you swerve around dangerously.

The Mercedes Tuning – What Are The Reasons To Tune Your Vehicle?

We are very well aware of the shooting fuel prices in the market. Hence, it is crucial to tune your Mercedes, so that it delivers great mpg. There are many reasons of the Mercedes tuning like better acceleration, enhanced torque, great economy, more power, healthier engine etc.

We have seen rapid growth in the technology in the field of automobiles. The super chip tuning technology is developed especially for the premium cars like Mercedes. The tuning is efficient for both the petrol and diesel version of car. It will ensure that your car gives best performance without any hassle.

Importance of tuning

Once the vehicle is tuned, it will reduce the emission and improve the performance by 15%. It is quite obvious that tuning will help your vehicle in multiple ways. However, you must tune the vehicle timely to avoid any inconvenience. The experts recommend visiting to the mechanic once in three months. The professionals will make sure that none of the part needs repairing.

As the fuel prices have increased, so does the dependency on vehicles. It is crucial to keep your car in good shape. If you maintain the car properly, then the car will run efficiently for long years without any hassle. Else, it would require regular repairing that will ultimately lead to lower mpg and reduce the performance.

What to consider while tuning the exhaust system?

The exhaust system of the Mercedes includes a front pipe, exhaust manifold, catalyst converter, silencer, exhaust tip and tail pipe. While tuning the system, muffler is the easiest to deal. The professionals will replace the stock muffler with high performance muffler.

As a result, you will get a free flow exhaust system. You must keep in mind that the inlet and outlet pipe of the muffler is of the same size as front and tail pipe. Check out the diameter of tail and front pipe. They must have same dimensions for better performance. Other terms of the exhaust system is a little complicated to understand. You must have knowledge of the engine’s power band, exhaust back pressure and usable RPM.

If excessive pressure is produced by the system, then it will have a negative impact on the performance of the engine. This will restrict the flow of exhaust gases. As a result, the engine will be inefficient to expel exhaust gases. Ultimately, it would lead to much reduced engine power.

Dos and the don’ts

Make sure that you never attach pea-shooter instead of the exhaust system to the engine. You must also not install a 10 inch wastewater pipe. In case the exhaust pipe is big enough, then it will lead to much reduced flow velocity of the gases. You have to keep in mind to get the exhaust back pressure perfect.

While tuning the exhaust system, the professionals aim to increase the power of the engine by the right exhaust tuning.